Yes, it’s true. Cape Town is having a serious Water Crisis. But, that’s no reason to avoid visiting. In fact, if anything, responsible tourism can help keep this (really amazing) city going. Here are five reasons you should still visit.

1. Everything is still totally normal here. (Apart from not flushing after you pee.) The only thing you might just have a problem with is if you come to Cape Town hoping to stock up on souvenir thousand gallon water tanks. Put your name down on the waiting list like the rest of us.

1.b. Men: You don’t have to flush after you pee! Instead of getting into trouble for your (understandable) lapse, you’ll be praised. And, plus, also, garden pees are very much encouraged these days.

2. You don’t have to worry about good grooming. Seriously, who wants to spend hours in the bathroom when you’re on *holiday* and there’s a world of fab experiences awaiting you? Don’t know what to wear today? Simply throw on yesterday’s clothes. (If you’re super fastidious, add a spray of perfume or deo.) Having a bad hair day? Excellent! Embrace it. Our premier (that’s like a governor) has been proudly rocking the dirty hair look for months. So can you.

3. If you want a shower or bath, we have this amazing thing called “the sea”. It’s summer right now, so the weather is really hot. But, unlike the overly warm water in our (carefully covered) swimming pools, the sea is deliciously refreshing. Also, it’s got, like, minerals and stuff, so it’s great for your skin.

4. You’ll learn new appreciation for one of the world’s most precious resources. Unless you’re a climate change denialist  (*cough* *Trump*) you’re aware that we’re up for some interesting times in the years ahead. Cape Town is among the first cities to have been so dramatically affected by climate change. And we’re learning how to deal with it. Fast. Come check it out.

5.  A visit to Cape Town is sure to make you appreciate the things you take for granted – like having a bath, washing your car, and needing to (ever) use an umbrella. Of course, you’ll probably also appreciate the things *we* take for granted – like daily sunshine, cute penguins, cheap wine, jawdropping scenery, and friendly people.

We honestly, genuinely need you here. Seriously, Cape Town probably needs visitors as much as it needs water. So, thank you for ignoring the rumors and confusion, and for coming to visit what is, we think – um, yeah, actually, we KNOW – still the most beautiful city in the world.

For more information about waterwise tourism in Cape Town and the Western Cape, visit