Although Cape Town has been blessed with plenty of rain this winter, this is still the best season for surfing at Muizenberg. On sunny winter days, with decent swells and a gentle offshore breeze, Surfers Corner is even more fun than in summer. Conditions are optimal, and the water is less crowded too.

Unlike some closely-guarded surf spots, this one is no secret, and the locals are friendly. Both total newbies and seasoned surfers share the waves amicably. If you paddle out to the backline, you’ll find yourself chatting with your fellow riders as you wait to catch a wave. The waves are regular, smallish and ‘super-chilled’ (that’s Surfspeak for fun and easy to ride). Just right for long-boarding, and ideal for beginners. There are plenty of inexpensive and friendly surf schools where you can book lessons or just hire a board and wetsuit for an hour or two.

But for me, the views are the real attraction of surfing at Muizenberg. I like to just sit on my board beyond the waves,  gazing blissfully at the scene around me. Long lines of misty mountains frame False Bay, while the golden crags of Muizenberg Mountains rise right above you. Colourful beach huts bead the sand and toy-like trains rumble along beside the sea.

Even though you’ll stay nice and warm in your wetsuit, there’s something about being in cold water that gives you an appetite. So it’s a bonus that there’s a large selection of good places to eat right on the spot. My favourite is probably Tiger’s Milk. The burgers are beyond good, and it has an unbeatable view over Surfers Corner from its upstairs windows. Snag a spot up at the front and sip a craft beer while looking back to where you were paddling so happily just a short while ago.