Stellenbosch locals are flocking to De Warenmarkt, an eclectic mixture of a buzzing artisanal food market and a friendly local restaurant. The market is housed in a beautiful heritage building in the heart of Stellenbosch.

You can pick and pay for delicious morsels from a gourmet pop-up stall (the stalls change every month) before settling down to enjoy them in the communal eating court. Everything is top quality and reasonably priced. But the real attraction of De Warenmarkt is being warmly greeted by proud operators at every stall. They enthusiastically inform you about their specialty products, share helpful information to assist your choice, and even give out little tasters!

The ‘pop-up restaurant’ is an integral part of the concept. The celebrated chef-and-wife team, George and Louise Jardine (of Jordan Restaurant fame) were cleverly picked to do the opening run.