Cape Town’s most vibrant up and coming neighbourhood, Woodstock, is home to some fantastic pieces of street art. In almost every street you’ll find works by both talented local street artists and world famous international street artists who’ve visited Cape Town (and a few of whom have stayed).

One of the best places to find exciting new street art is in Lower Woodstock, between Victoria and Albert Roads. The Woodstock Exchange (a trendy new retail and business centre), the Woodstock Foundry, and Sidestreet Studios are particularly rich hunting grounds.

Look out for work by DALeast. He’s a secretive, world-famous Chinese street artist who now lives in Cape Town. His distinctive works are of animals done in a 3-d monochrome style that resembles metal sculptures:

An awesome local artist whose work I’m always excited to find is Nardstar*. She usually paints colorful, geometric works – also usually featuring animals – that are both powerful and decorative.

You may also notice some large murals on Albert Road by Capetonian JackFox. He’s only 20 years old, but as the son of two prominent street artists, he’s clearly inherited some massive talent.

I often go rambling around the neighborhood on foot or by bicycle, and never miss a chance to stop and photograph a new piece. Here are a few more of my favourites.