There is no doubt that spring is a gorgeous time of the year to be Cape Town. The city enjoys mostly glorious, sunny days (not too hot and not too cold) whilst the air is infused with the sweet scent of wild flowers.

This idyllic time of year signals the peak of the whale watching season and the beginning the renowned Cape flower season. There is an explosion of colour in the famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens as a multitude of wildflower species begin to show off their summer dresses. This is, without doubt, the best time of year to visit these stunning gardens.

Further along the West Coast, the landscape is slowly being transformed as a kaleidoscopic blanket of flowers begins to blossom in unison. Hiking at this time of year is highly recommended as the landscape is punctuated by flowers of staggering variety and mesmerising brilliance. The Cape is, after all, home to the richest and most diverse Flower Kingdom on earth.