Snorkel with seals

Looking to try something completely different? Take the plunge into the cool Atlantic Ocean and snorkel with hundreds of inquisitive, playful Cape fur seals. Interact with them in their environment and on their terms. This excursion can be added into a Peninsula Tour and operates from the working harbor of Hout Bay.

Kayak to the penguins

Boulders is one of the most special beaches in the world, as it is the home of an African penguin colony. This is not only unusual as most breeding colonies prefer the safety of an island on which to rear their vulnerable young but also as it is located on the periphery of the bustling suburbs of Simonstown. Residents sometimes awake to find penguins frolicking in their swimming pools.

The best way to view the penguins is from the water, and the kayaking trip leaves from Simonstown Harbor. You paddle past the Naval docks and out to the beach to see the penguins. If the time and tides are in your favor, you may stop on a beach for a swimming break and will generally be able to get a close up look at penguins on the rocks nearby.

Insider Tip: This family-friendly activity is best experienced over the winter months when the Cape’s infamous south-easterly wind is less likely to affect ocean conditions.


Cape Town has an abundance of surf spots along its coast, from coves generating gentle swells, to expansive beaches boasting bone-crunching waves. Rather surprisingly, the typically icy Cape Peninsula water temperatures rise during winter. This makes the months of June, July and August ideal for a surf. Not to mention that the winter storms make for big, exciting swells!

Insider Tip: The Surfer’s Corner at Muizenberg beach is a popular learning spot and is easily incorporated into a Peninsula Tour. The waves characteristic of this stretch of beach are gentle. They are ideal under the wind conditions prevalent over Cape Town’s winter months.

SUP (Stand up paddle board)

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. And Cape Town is one of the best locations to discover this new exhilarating experience. It’s a social sport and great to do with family and friends – no one need be left out.

For beginners, this is the perfect introduction to learn how to SUP. You will learn about hazards, self-rescue, posture, balance, and equipment. You will become familiar with the board and the basic paddle techniques. Next you will learn how to SUP, first lying on your board and then kneel paddling before learning how to stand up. The lesson is packed with useful tips and techniques, so you quickly gain confidence. All levels are catered for and we have a variety of stand up paddle boarding experiences available.

Insider Tip: Combine with a Peninsula Tour and paddle with the penguins!