Sea Point is known for its diverse selection of restaurants offering virtually every food form on the planet. But, something that’s been missing on the strip all these years is a laid back hangout spot to meet friends, grab a bite and listen to live music. Enter the Mojo Market. This cool, relatively new 2000 square metre space on Regent Road is an indoor food and lifestyle market. It features 45 designer retail stores, 25 food vendors, a large bar and – best of all – live music from 8pm.

The Mojo Market is a great place to go for lunch if you’re in the hood. It offers a wide selection of food types, including salads, sushi and poke bowls, if you incline towards healthier choices. You can sit at an upstairs table, gaze out to the sea and exhale.

But, for a really vibey experience, pay a visit on a Friday evening once the sun has set and the verandah of the Winchester Mansions has grown chilly. You’ll walk into a hub of warmth and festivity as an eclectic mix of Capetonians consisting of families, hipsters, twenty-somethings and the odd labrador gather to unwind after a hectic week.

Food-wise, the choices are vast. Oysters with a tequila chaser appears to be a popular way to kick off the fun. Craft beer served by the draught is the merry-making tipple of choice. Then, tuck into a tasty pizza, a rack of slow-cooked ribs, a feather-light crepe or even raclette washed down with a bottle of red.

There are also loads of raw, vegan, vegetarian and non-alcoholic options. The live music is great and adds to the party vibe. But the volume is kept low enough that it doesn’t make conversation difficult or bother anyone looking for something low-key. And, as you wait for your pizza, you can browse the stalls, which offer a gorgeous selection of local clothing, homeware, gifts and jewellery.

Mojo is open 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm on weekdays, and 10am to 10pm on weekends. It is situated at 30 Regent Road, Sea Point.