Ostrich Fillet, Peri-Peri Prawns, Bobotie and Malva Pudding – just some of the wonderful, unique flavours of South Africa. Experience a cooking and dining experience hosted in the beautiful home of one of Cape Town’s most passionate chefs. Nadége spent the first twenty years of her life in a small village not far from Cherbourg, France and it was here that she developed her love for cooking. She now lives in the charming suburb of Gardens (just 5 minutes from the city centre), and thrives on sharing her passion for food with visitors from around the world.

Nadége says: ‘We call South Africa the Rainbow nation. We can relate to this term for South African recipes too. The Boers, Indian, Malay people, French and British all play a role in South African gastronomy. During my cooking classes, I explain the different diets and tastes amongst the various cultures. My guests have an opportunity to taste some of their delicious recipes. Some examples are snoek pâté, curries, bobotie, ostrich, kudu, springbok, malva pudding, milk tart and Don Pedros!’

Join Nadége for a relaxing, social evening. Learn to cook some of these unique dishes, whilst enjoying the Cape’s fine wines. The interactive lessons are roughly three hours. They conclude with the guests joining Nadége and her husband at the family dining room table to enjoy the food that you’ve prepared.