If you’re wondering where the party is in Muizenberg on a Friday evening, you’ll find all the locals eating, drinking and enjoying themselves in a quaint old postal airplane hangar in the middle of the original village. The Bluebird Garage Market has been going strong since 2010, and it’s a fabulous opportunity to soak up the relaxed vibe of this seaside community.

Outside, bright blue walls with quirky murals welcome visitors. Inside, the historic industrial space has been humorously decorated with surfboards, bicycles, fairy lights and chandeliers. The entrance foyer is dedicated to stalls selling a selection of interesting locally-sourced goods, such as bohemian clothing, vellies (traditional veldskoen shoes) for kids, homemade soaps, and jewellery made from old clocks. But, the main focus of the market is food, glorious food.

Inside the hangar, 40-odd stalls offer a variety of organic fresh produce, craft beer, fine wines, cakes, sweets, snacks and hot meals. You’ll find all sorts of goodies here, from Argentine specialities (I was excited to find handmade alfajores. My favourite!) to African-style curries. Sushi is sliced, burgers are fried, enormous salad platters are proudly borne back to the communal tables in the centre, where everyone gathers to eat.

The vibe here is always buzzing with happy excitement at the end of a week and the beginning of an evening of food and fun. Old friends meet, new friends are made. Children even have their own dedicated play area, so parents can relax and enjoy a meal with uninterrupted conversation.

Did you know?

It’s fitting that the local community gathers in a hanger originally built for postal planes because Muizenberg was the site of Africa’s first airmail delivery. On 27 December 1911, the first airmail was carried from Kenilworth to Muizenburg by Evelyn Driver, in a Blériot monoplane. The flight lasted a grand total of 7.5 minutes.

The Blue Bird Garage Market is open every Friday from 4pm to 10pm at 39 Albertyn Road in Muizenberg